In Defense of “Whilst”

I must take exception to this kvetch from Julian Sanchez:

If you are not British or being deliberately pseudo-formal (and even this is kind of twee), it just looks silly when you write “whilst” instead of “while.”

That may be true, but my friends and I use it in regular conversation all the time. So while it looks silly to Julian, it looks normal to us. It’s just such a better word than “while”; it’s more aesthetically pleasing both when written and when spoken.

3 thoughts on “In Defense of “Whilst”

  1. Hey, if some folks want to say “dost thou” instead of “do you” among their buddies at the Ren Fair, then sure, that’s the norm they’ll have, and more power to them. But they should expect that they will sound silly if they continue to use this locution when (or, if you prefer “whilst”) communicating with the rest of the population, even if “dost thou” has a nicer ring to it.

  2. Since I’ve been living in the South, I’ve been known to use the word “Y’all” occasionally. It actually serves a useful purpose to specify “You” as a plural.

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