The Case for Cohen

Obviously, Will Safire’s running mate predictions (Clinton-Emanuel? Obama-Feinstein? Feinstein’s endorsed Hillary!) are completely wrong and more or less useless. That being said, this is as good a time as any to suggest William Cohen as the perfect running mate for Obama. He’s a liberal Republican, which supports the themes of national unity and bipartisanship which drive the Obama campaign. He was in the Senate for eighteen years and the House for six, which would help Obama to counter the inexperience critique. And he was SecDef for four years, giving Obama credibility on national security issues. Sure, he doesn’t provide regional balance the way, say, Mark Warner would, but he would help the ticket – and an Obama administration – more than any other possible candidate.

2 thoughts on “The Case for Cohen

  1. Daily Kos completely blew it on Obama with their talk of his “implosion”. Right now Obama is the only candidate I’d vote for, even though I’m pissed at the democrats for abandoning Florida over the primary date & their lack of backbone in standing up to the republicans.

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