The Limits of Contrarianism

You know, sometimes I think Blake Hounshell (formerly praktike) has lost some of his bite now that he’s editing Foreign Policy‘s fantastic Passport blog. Then he writes something like this:

It’s easy to take the contrarian strategy too far, though. Sometimes, the conventional wisdom is right, both logically and morally. Herewith, 10 arguments I never want to see:
1. The Case for Genocide
2. Let Them Eat Cake: How a Delicious Dessert Could Save the World’s Poor
3. War, What Is It Good for? Absolutely Everything
4. We Could Use a Man Like Joseph Stalin Again
5. Steal Their Oil and Convert Them to Christianity? You Bet We Should
6. Martin Luther King: Overrated?
7. Sex Secrets of the Ayatollahs
8. How Dick Cheney Shot a Man in the Face … and Saved a Nation
9. Why We Need More News about Britney Spears
10. Appeasement: Our Only Option

I kind of disagree with the inclusion of number 10, if only because repeated references to Munich are incredibly nauseating, and number 3 sounds an awful lot like Joe Lieberman’s autobiography. Number 7 isn’t so much wrong as it is mentally scarring. But the others are just made of awesome.
Someone with way too much free time on their hands should comb through the Media Matters archives finding people who actually said these. Some would be easier than others, but I’m sure conservatives have expressed skepticism about King and made near-genocidal threats about Muslims, immigrants, or both.

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