Didactic Paranoia

It seems, via Zeitlin, that Bush’s plan to nuclear-bait Pakistan while simultaneously rendering defunct the NPT is dead due to opposition from Indian Communist leaders. As the article Matt quotes point out, part of this is due to anti-Americanism on the part of the Communists. But the other reason the Commies were skeptical is funnier:

Just turning the clock around was more than a leap of faith for many believers of the existing order. For others, it was inconceivable that India should be the beneficiary of such privileges. In India, the protests were a mirror image. There were those who advocated India’s nuclear confinement, interpreting it as sovereignty. There were those who believed it wouldn’t happen because it sounded too good to be true and the US was notoriously unreliable.

Emphasis mine. If you needed any more evidence that this was a total sweetheart deal with no real benefits for the US, remember that there are Indians who oppose it, not on the merits, but because it’s so good for India they don’t believe it’s possible. In a saner world, they’d be right.

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