Making RSS Suck Less in ’07

I hate a lot of things about the Internet, but way high up there on the list are truncated RSS feeds. There’s something very nice about being able to read an entire post in an RSS reader, and it’s more than a little annoying to have to open each post page on a blog if I want to stay completely current. The evil of truncation has resulted in me having exactly two blogs with truncated feeds in my entire blogroll, Dan Drezner and Kevin Drum, and if they were anything but stellar they’d be gone too. But today Kevin Drum tells us this:

Every once in a while someone asks me why we don’t supply full RSS feeds here at the Monthly. Lazy slug that I am, my usual response is that I don’t know. Then I lean back and eat another potato chip. But guess what? It turns out there’s a reason I don’t know: it’s because it isn’t true. We supply both partial and full RSS feeds. Here’s the URL for the full feed:
I suppose the next question is why we don’t publicize the full feed, and this time I really don’t know. Probably a decision lost in the mists of time. But it’s there nonetheless.

Awesome. I, like Kevin, have absolutely no idea why this wasn’t publicized, but I’ve switched my feed and you should switch yours.
P.S. Dan Drezner, you know what to do.

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