“Laughed In His Face”

You know why it was a good idea for Columbia to invite Ahmadinejad? This is why:

In response to a question partly about the treatment of gays in Iran, Ahmadinejad just denied that there are gays in Iran.

In Iran, we don’t have homosexuals like in your country. We don’t have that in our country. In Iran, we do not have this phenomenon. I do not know who has told you that we have it.

The audience at once booed and laughed in his face; even Ahmadinejad seemed slightly ashamed. Quite an extraordinary moment.

This is how you win a war of ideas: by directly engaging the opposing side and showing them how ridiculous their ideas really are. Of course, Bush probably doesn’t agree; he’s too busy wondering how Ahmadinejad got such a perfect country.

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