Scott Chucks Chuck

LeMew is right: this A.O. Scott review of Good Luck Chuck is a thing of beauty:

I’ve occasionally heard Dane Cook, one of the stars of “Good Luck Chuck,” described as a comedian. I find this confusing, since my understanding is that comedians are people who say and do things that are funny. Perhaps Mr. Cook is some new kind of conceptual satirist whose shtick is to behave in the manner of a person attempting to be funny without actually being, you know, funny.

Ouch. But Scott actually has the balls to take on not just the creators of this crap, but the people dumb enough to pay to watch it:

But the main audience for this dim little sex comedy has no particular interest in seeing Ms. Alba act. They want to see her in her underwear and also to confront one of the central cultural questions of our time: will she take her top off?
No spoilers here! In the meantime plenty of less famous women do take their tops off, which will make “Good Luck Chuck” a must-see for young men with a subscription to Maxim but no access to the Internet. The intended viewership seems to consist of guys who fantasize about sleeping with Ms. Alba, which may represent a reasonably large share of the population. The actual paying audience, however, will more likely be those poor, deluded souls — they’ve Hi-lited all the relevant passages of that notorious pickup manual “The Game” — who think they might really have a shot.

Is this elitism? Probably. But it’s awesome, and totally called-for, elitism.

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