I Wanna Be A Majority

So it looks like 2008’s going to feature not one, but two Casey v. Santorum-style blowouts. Not only has former Governor Mark Warner (R-VA) announced for the other Warner’s open seat (and starts off beating his two potential rivals, Rep. Tom Davis and former Governor Jim Gilmore, by twenty-point-plus margins), but the Union-Leader is reporting that Jeanne Shaheen has, indeed, decided on a rematch with John Sununu, a race there’s no way in hell she’ll lose. Given as I’ve lived in New Hampshire my entire life and not once had a Democratic Senator (and given as for twelve of those years I was represented by an actual crazy person), this is a pretty fantastic. Shaheen isn’t my ideal Senator by any measure, (she has a horrid governor when it comes to tax policy, but it would take a long time to explain how messed up NH is about that), but she’s sure as hell better than Sununu.

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