Yet Another Reason Why I’ll Never Hold Elected Office, Ever

Far be it from me to attack Larry Flynt from the left on sexual matters, but, well that’s what I’m going to do:

Larry Flynt “brought the prostitute who claims to have had an affair” with Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) “before the media on Tuesday and called on Vitter to resign the seat he won by campaigning on a platform of conservative values,” the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports.
Flynt cast himself as “the scourge of politicians who espouse conservative values in public while carrying on extramarital affairs in their private lives. He said his objective is not to titillate, but to expose hypocrisy.”
Said Flynt: “It is not a question of muckraking and exposing the perverts. It’s more than that. It is trying to maintain some honesty in the government. It would be nice if we could bring about his resignation.”

Here’s what I don’t get: the reason Flynt says Vitter must resign is the Senator’s alleged hypocrisy, attributed to the conflict between his “conservative values” and his experience as a john. But isn’t basically everyone opposed, at least publicly, to adultery without the consent of one’s wife? Wouldn’t, if asked, every member of the Senate and House condemn the concept? The case for hypocrisy is pretty clearcut with, say, Larry Craig, but unlike Craig Vitter didn’t do anything that conservatism and conservatism alone disallows. I don’t think he should resign even if he was hypocritical (it still involves his private life, which has no bearing on his ability to legislate effectively), but it doesn’t appear to me that he was, or, at the very least, that he was more hypocritical than your average adulterer.

2 thoughts on “Yet Another Reason Why I’ll Never Hold Elected Office, Ever

  1. I think there is the case to be made, perhaps not on basis of party but rather on basis of past statements, that Vitter was more hypocritical than your average adulterer (although I’m no expert on adulterers, average or otherwise). For example, Vitter was very outspoken about the mistakes Clinton made and called on him to resign because of them.
    Of course, nowadays he’d claim what bothered him about Clinton was the lying, but that doesn’t stand up to the test of history (or a little Lexus Nexis-ing). Vitter said, in calling for Clinton to resign over his affair: “I think Livingston’s stepping down makes a very powerful argument that Clinton should resign as well and move beyond this mess.”
    Livingston is of course the former Congressman from Louisiana whom Vitter replaced after the former resigned in the middle of his term after it was revealed that he had had cheated on his wife as well (in fact it was none other than Flynt who made his affairs public).
    So does the fact that Vitter is a Republican make it more hypocritical for him to have had an affair? I agree with you that it doesn’t, but the reason he’s more hypocritical is because of his past statements and positions on whether somebody should resign over extra-marital affairs.

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