Also, We Will Now Fight Only With Katanas

You know, when Edwards starts saying things like this, you know he’s trying a bit too hard to rebrand himself as the progressive in the race:

And I will lead an international effort to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

Really? Seriously? He actually thinks the world would be a better place without any nuclear weapons? I don’t even think that. So his plan is to get every country to disarm, and then when some rogue state decides to make them again, we hole up in a Motel 8 with a bottle of Jack, just crying in a corner? The fact of the matter is that a world in which the UN Permanent Five don’t have nuclear weapons is one which is far more prone toward great power war and would lead to an international system easily hijacked by a lone state bucking the rules. It’s a horrible, silly idea, and it’s distressing to hear a major candidate espousing it.

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