Well, Sir, Should I Have Another?

This whole debate over how exactly US foreign aid to Israel helps the US misses the point in a big way. Obviously we get nothing out of the aid. This shouldn’t shock people on either side of the spectrum on the issue. But it doesn’t invalidate the stance that we should funnel them money. There are completely non-self-interested reasons to advocate giving Israel lots of money and military equipment. For instance, if you’re an American Orthodox Jew with a firm religious belief that God promised Judea and Samaria to the Jews, then giving Israel money so that it can run checkpoints, build “security walls”, and pursue other methods of attaining a permanent Greater Israel makes sense. Also, if you’re, say, the Harvard TA who destroyed the New Republic and just really hates you some Arabs and like to see them gunned down on a regular basis, then yeah, giving Israel guns is a good way of reaching that policy end. The point is that there’s a debate here; it just should be about whether it’s worth going against our national interest to help Israel, not about whether shelling out billions for Israel helps us.

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