The Goremary

Apropos of Garance’s discussion here, I am pretty confident that, if Gore endorses, which Harvard tabloid 02138 says he will, he’ll endorse Obama. Gore’s endorsement will be, and will be considered, a big deal, so it’s in the interest of Gore’s reputation to pick a winner; thus, Dodd, despite his admirable carbon tax proposal, is out. That leaves the top three, Hillary, Obama, and (barely) Edwards. Of these three, Obama is closest in policy and tone to Gore. Obviously, both opposed the war from the start, unlike Hillary or Edwards. But more saliently, they advance similar critiques of American political and media culture; the points contained in an Obama stump speech and in The Assault on Reason are very close. Also, Obama is very much in line with Gore on environmental issues; the Obama energy plan includes an auction of pollution credits, achieving a result similar to the carbon tax Gore champions. And, perhaps most importantly, Gore really didn’t sound too keen on Obama’s main competitor in the 02138 interview:

Q: Do you feel some obligation to endorse the wife of your former boss?
A: Uh … no.


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