“My Humming of Sibelius Finlandia Is Flawless”

Thank God for interns – in his short time on board, Sam Boyd has become one of the best writers at TAPPED. Moreover, he’s the reason TAPPED linked to Finnish EU Parliamentarian Alex Stubb’s blog, which might be my favorite piece of writing ever. I mean, seriously:

I decide to open my vocal cords by singing in the shower. Why is my neighbour banging on the wall? My humming of Sibelius Finlandia is flawless.

I brush my enormous teeth.

The world is a better place after the votes, at least that’s what I tell myself.

I am wearing a black shiny suit, a black shirt and a lime green tie. A Spanish colleague thinks that I look like a pimp. I take it as a compliment.

The institutional nerds of our centre-right political group gets together to talk about the seats in the EP and the negotiations on the constitution-turned-reform treaty. The room is full of former ministers. I feel humbled.

The human body was made for physical exercise.


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