Another Victory for the Human Extinction Movement

It’s just incredible that, by all evidence, the Soviets set up, and the Russian government may still be operating, a doomsday machine. For one thing, the logic for setting it up is rather flawed. It seems like a waste of nukes to use them to blow up the entire planet, given that in any given case, the vast majority of the nuclear detonations would be totally useless for deterrence. Moreover, it’s surprising that the Soviets were able to place the weapons in enough places worldwide to cause human extinction. But the kicker, as Ron Rosenbaum says in the Slate piece, is still the point made by the title character in Dr. Strangelove: if the Soviets spent the time, money, and effort setting up this system, then why the hell didn’t they tell anybody? The whole mechanism is useless if it’s kept secret. I don’t doubt that the system was/is actually in place, but the motives behind the apparent sequence of events are baffling.

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