They Are The Pipettes

Have you heard the Pipettes? If not, that’s understandable. Their debut album, appropriately titled We Are the Pipettes, is only available in the U.S. through import. It used to be available at eMusic, which is how I got a hold of it, but it’s gone now.
It’s too bad, really. The Pipettes sound like the long lost love child of Phil Spector and Kathleen Hanna, and their debut is 30 minutes of feminist girl-group pop bliss. Don’t believe me? Listen to its most successful single, “Pull Shapes”:

Yep, the Pipettes are pretty fantastic. Which is why it’s fortunate that Interscope has announced that it will release We Are the Pipettes stateside on October 2nd, with a North American (and Japanese, and Australian) tour to follow. What’s more, the U.S. edition will add two new tracks, so even impatient folks like me might need to shell out for it. But I don’t mind; The Pipettes are the kind of band whose albums I don’t mind buying for just two songs. They’re just that good.

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