Main Defender

Allow me to echo the many people pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of John McCain, Norm Coleman, and Pete Hoekstra calling for Larry Craig to resign without making the same demand of David Vitter. Moreover, let me go further and say that neither Vitter nor Craig should resign. As the cases of Clinton, Barney Frank, and Gerry Studds all show, being involved in a sordid and socially verboten sexual relationship does not, in and of itself, render someone a bad lawmaker. This isn’t to say that either Vitter or Craig are actually, well, good lawmakers. They’re not, but that has much more to do with their mutual proclivity for voting in lockstep with the Republican leadership than with their taboo sexual interests. I would be more than happy to support their resignations if they were to be based on, say, their support for the war, but resignations based on sexual behavior just seem silly.

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