Sleeping with the Fishes

Fredo’s gone. I remember having a conversation in mid-April in D.C. about how unbelievable it was that Gonzales had managed to stay in office that far, and how utterly he’s subverted the usual timeline for political scandals. All it took was a little more than four months from then for him to finally leave.
As for the replacement, I still think Larry Thompson is the likeliest option. He’d be harder for Democrats to oppose than Chertoff, who has all kinds of Katrina, torture, and detainment-related baggage. Sure, he’d probably be less partisan than Chertoff, but no less partisan than, say, Robert Gates. At this point, Bush doesn’t really have a lot of freedom with which to choose a nominee, and as tempted as he may be to appoint an far-right candidate and then politically blackmail Democrats into supporting him, he’ll surely remember how badly similar scare tactics failed in the ’06 election cycle. Moreover, whoever the replacement is will be in office for well under 18 months, tops, so who he turns out to be isn’t particularly critical, meaning that appointing a moderate wouldn’t set back Bush’s policy ambitions the way one would have in, say, 2005.

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