WaPo, Mock Thyself

To follow up on my post on Emily Yoffe’s atrocious Washington Post op-ed, here, via hilzoy, are a couple excerpts from a Post live-chat featuring columnist Eugene Robinson:

“Kensington, Md.: I see where the Post underscored Al Gore’s thesis from “Assault On Reason” by inviting Dear Prudence to “argue” with the climatology community on some of its findings. Any word on when Dr. Paris Hilton’s invited piece refuting Fermat’s Last Theorem will run?
Eugene Robinson: I hear that Paris has found a problem on page 37 of her Fermat proof — she was scratching it out on the wall of her cell and broke a fingernail, with the result that a minus-sign was omitted — so I think that piece will be delayed.

Silver Spring, Md.: I think Copernicus, Galileo and the modern astronomy community are all wrong about the sun-centered solar system. I don’t have any data, or any particular expertise in the field. All I know is that it bothers me to have people saying we orbit the sun, when I can clearly see it moving across the sky. Plus it is scaring the children to hear people talk about it. Could you tell me how to get an pp-ed piece published at The Post? I hear they have no standards for this anymore. Thank you!
Eugene Robinson: I think there must be a Bush administration science panel that has a spot for you!”

I always liked that Robinson fellow.

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