Slate V

If you want some assurance that Slate is, indeed, made of awesome, unlike Emily Yoffe’s atrocious op-ed, check out the magazine’s latest endeavor: Slate V. The V stands for video; far more than just a video podcast, this is a full-fledged, à la carte, online news and culture channel. No other cultural outlet has done anything this innovative in using online video as a medium, period. It’s literally one of a kind. Some of the features, like Damned Spot, were video features on regular Slate. Others, like Ad Report Card, used to be print Slate features. But most are all-new. Slate, recall, was the very first online magazine. Slate V, in turn, is the very first online video magazine. Just as Slate, by taking advantage of the Internet, redefined what a magazine could do, Slate V is redefining what a TV channel can do. And it is awesome. Check it out.

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