What Kind of Cult Phenomenon Ends With the Anti-Hero Eating Onion Rings?

The report on the Sopranos finale at UnNews – the news division of Uncyclopedia – is pretty fantastic:

Entire world pissed off by Sopranos finale
EVERYWHERE, Planet Earth — A collective scream of agonizing pain could be heard in every cable-ready household in America at 9:57p.m. yesterday evening, coinciding with the fucking ridiculous finale of HBO’s hit series The Sopranos. The painful cries of fans everywhere were echoed by those who Tivo’d the concluding episode (similarly, don’t be alarmed if you hear agonizing screams from neighbor’s homes in the following days — some people still haven’t witnessed the tragedy yet first-hand). Millions of viewers sat through the otherwise tedious episode, watching loose ends remain loose (if not becoming even more ambiguous), wondering when the hell something resembling a conclusion was going to take place. An enraged Sopranos fan known to Uncyclopedia readership as this author exclaims: “AW!! FUCKING AWWW!!! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!!! GOD DAMN IT MAN AHHHH AWWW!!!”

It gets better. Oh so much better.

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