And A Shrummery

I just watched last night’s episode of The Daily Show, with Bob Shrum as the guest, and Shrum proclaimed at some point that “the seductive qualities of George Bush are absolutely beyond me.” The audience erupted in applause. This strikes me as bizarre. Shrum’s main job in 2004 was figuring out ways that John Kerry could defeat George Bush, and for him to say that he has no idea why Bush is appealing is a startling admission of incompetence. A big part of running a campaign is understanding your opponent’s seductive qualities and deflecting them, and if Shrum, by his own admission, is incapable of doing that he is not qualified to serve as a campaign consultant. Granted, someone who had already worked on three losing general election campaigns (McGovern, Dukakis, Gore) hasn’t exactly shown himself to be a worthwhile hire, but still, this is an amazing confession.

1 thought on “And A Shrummery

  1. I think he was referring to George W. Bush’s seductive nature with Mark McKinnon, i.e., people who joined the campaign and converted from Democrats to Republicans to be a part of it. It was a laugh line — don’t take it too seriously. And also I think you misinterpreted the context.

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