Still Crazy After All These Years

Apparently there is a draft movement calling for Alan Keyes to enter the GOP presidential race. I whole-heartedly endorse this movement, not because Keyes would win the nomination (though I would love a rematch of this) but because he would make the debates much, much more interesting. Take, for example, this, which a friend pointed me to the other day:

Witness, first, the hand gestures. Those are epic hand gestures. Sure, I may point or move my hand while talking, but I at least try to make my hand motions connect with what I am saying. Keyes does not. He is beyond relevance. My theory is that the gestures are designed to be just bizarre enough to distract the viewer like Keyes says various batshit crazy things. Like the segment where he argues that if one is a child of lesbian parents, “there is no way you could avoid having sexual relations” with your siblings. Seriously. He says that. He has a whole elaborate argument behind it. Meanwhile, Obama just there with a “WTF?” expression on his face. I think I speak for all of America when I say that the Republican debates would be orders of magnitude more entertaining with this comedic genius included.

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