I Don’t Know How To Put This, But He’s Kind of a Big Deal

Number of people who came out to hear Barack Obama speak today in Hanover, NH: 6,000.
Population of Hanover: 10,850.
Let me just emphasize, before anything else, how many people 6,000 is in Hanover. Hanover is a teeny tiny little place. And even though substantial chunks of that 6,000 included college students and residents of nearby towns, one still felt as though everyone was there. I couldn’t walk a couple of feet without running into someone I know. When a presidential candidate can bring out almost the entirety of a community seven months before an election, you know something special’s going on.
The speech itself was fantastic. It reminded me a lot of his commencement address at Knox, which is still my favorite political speech of recent times. It covered all the bases, attacking the Bush administration’s “opportunity society” rhetoric while specifically promising universal health care and a more reasonable educational accountability system, and presenting a coherent foreign policy agenda that focused on diplomacy ahead of militarism. If this is his stump speech, he’s going to do very well; when I was handing out “supporter cards” for the campaign after the speech, I asked one woman if she was supporting the Senator, and she replied, “Well, I am now!”
Paul Hodes introduced the Senator; while he did not say that he was supporting Obama, his enthusiasm was clear. Between that and the public’s response, the event left me with the feeling that Obama’s going to be tough for the other candidates to beat.

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