Taking Fredo Fishing

Speaking of people who should be kicked out of their jobs, Frank Bowman, a law professor at the University of Missouri, has outlined the reasons why Alberto Gonzales can, and should, be impeached by Congress. This strikes me as the only viable option. If the Bush administration hasn’t asked him to resign by now, it isn’t going to ever. Normally, scandals either flicker up all at once and then die off, in which case the implicated usually survives, or they drag out with more and more damning information released every week, in which case the implicated usually resigns out of shame, or is asked to do so for the same reason. This is definitely the second type of scandal, but the Bush administration and Gonzales aren’t behaving as administrations normally do in such a circumstance (do they ever act like normal administrations act?). Thus, the only recourse we have to get a clearly unfit man out of a very important cabinet position is impeachment. Simple majority votes of the House Rules Committee, the Judiciary Committee, and the full House are all that’s required for impeachment; those should all be fairly easy to attain. To remove, of course, a two-thirds majority of the Senate is needed, but with ten Republican Senators now calling for Gonzales’ resignation that may not be out of the question. And at any point in this process Gonzales could finally resign because of the threat of forcible removal, just like Nixon did in 1974. Given how obvious the wrongdoing is in this instance, I don’t see any reason why Reid & Pelosi shouldn’t start up impeachment proceedings.

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