Our Literary President

There are so many things wrong with this story:

“President Bush and his consigliere Karl Rove bet on who had read the most books in a year,” reports UPI. “Mike McConnell, the director of national intelligence, told friends Rove won with 117 books and Bush was a close second with 104 books.”
“Unhappy over his loss to his close confidant, Bush asked for a recount — in words. And the president won by 1.7 percent.”

First of all, there’s the underlying claim that Bush read at least 104 books in a year, which I refuse to believe. Moreover, even if I did believe it, I would be disturbed; that’s a book every three or four days, which, for Bush to accomplish, would require him to not work hard enough on, y’know, being the bloody president. Secondly, there’s the whole recount business. That’s so goddamn petty, the kind of thing a emperor or king does when a member of the court upstages him. Never mind the obvious analogy to how Bush won a certain other contest. I can’t believe we have to deal with this kind of thing for 18 more months.

1 thought on “Our Literary President

  1. It is possible that Bush spends an hour or two reading every night. As a reformed alcoholic, he knows how to be strict with himself. Moreover, he might well be half-skimming these books. I don’t like Bush’s performance as president at all, but this by itself doesn’t seem implausible or terrible.

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