Your Mother’s Right; Listen to What It Says!

So, the AP asked all the 2008 presidential candidates what one object they’d take to a desert island, and I noticed a somewhat disturbing trend in the answers:

Sen. Joe Biden: “Jill, my wife.”
Rep. Dennis Kucinich: His wife, Elizabeth.
Rep. Duncan Hunter: “Mrs. Hunter.”
Mitt Romney: “My wife, Ann.”

Look, I see the motivation here, but they have to know that it sounds like they’re calling their wives objects. Obama finesses this best, as usual, stressing that he’d take his wife and kids first but that if he had to pick something inanimate he’d choose a book. Brownback and Tancredo try to be smartasses:

Sen. Sam Brownback: “Tarp.”
Rep. Tom Tancredo: “Boat.”

Heh. Huckabee’s is along the same vein, and would actually be my answer:

Mike Huckabee: “Laptop with satellite reception.”

Mike: you have a problem. I have a problem. We can talk. Richardson’s answer – a Blackberry and cigar – is a good mix of the practical, the honest, and the decadent. But the most popular answer was:

Sen. Hillary Clinton: “A good book.”
John Edwards: “A book.”
Sen. Barack Obama: “Other than my wife and my kids, an inanimate object I would have to have would probably be a good book.”
Rudy Giuliani: “Books and music.”
Sen. John McCain: “Books.”

Well, at least the top tier likes to read. Except Romney. Oh, Mitt.

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