Going to the Mattresses with Peretz

Matt Yglesias’ response to Jonathan Chait’s profile of the netroots is generallly very good, but more important, it’s kind of ballsalicious. Take this:

Until its recent sale to CanWest, [the New Republic] was owned by men who seem to hate most liberals and liberalism as an ideology, which were strange attributes for a liberal publication.

Or this:

An institution like The New Republic, whose main institutional and emotional commitment is to right-wing Israeli nationalism (a commitment, I might add, frequently expressed through the sort of demagoguery, name-calling, and dishonesty Chait professes to find distasteful), infuriates the netroots even though individual TNR writers and articles garner praise.

Do note that Matt’s writing this in the New Republic. He’s making fairly transparent jabs at Marty Peretz on his own turf. Matt should check for a horse head on his pillow tomorrow morning.

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