You Won’t Like Him When He’s, Er, Himself

Mark Penn is one scary bastard. Matt:

[I]f you think the problem with the Democratic Party is that it’s insufficiently inclined to support wars, you’ll like Mark Penn. If you think the Party is insufficiently friendly to the interests of major corporations and wealthy individuals, you’ll like Mark Penn. If you think Menachim Begin was a great man and that the world needs more Dick Morris acolytes, you’ll like Mark Penn. And if you like Mark Penn, you’ll love Hillary Clinton since he “controls the main elements of her campaign . . . has consolidated his power, according to advisers close to the campaign, taking increasing control of the operation . . . has become involved in virtually every move Clinton makes, with the result that the campaign reflects the chief strategist as much as the candidate.”

Okay, then. As someone who thinks the Democratic Party is more than sufficiently inclined to support wars, big business, and the wealthy, that Menachim Begin was a quite bad man, and that Dick Morris is a dangerous fool, I’m feeling pretty safe with my choice.

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