The Debate


  • Bill Richardson sucked it hard. He looked totally out of it, completely bombed a question about his sympathy for Gonzales because of his race, gave an awful answer about his ideal Supreme Court justice (Byron White? He voted against Roe and Miranda and wrote Bowers! How much worse can you get?) and looked at his notes during a question about health care, making himself look quite unprepared. He’s not a serious candidate after tonight.
  • Mike Gravel is crazy, and I love it. I would so watch a show of just him ranting for an hour. It would be massively entertaining.
  • Obama completely demolished both Edwards and Kucinich, in two separate instances. First, Edwards implicitly accused Obama of substituting “high falutin’ talk” for subtance on health care. Obama then replied by laying out, in detail, his health care plan. It completely deflated Edwards. Later, Kucinich accused Obama of warmongering with Iran, and Obama responded by denying he wanted to attack, but also by going after Kucinich’s blasé attitude about Iran and making himself look far, far more serious on the issue. It was a true Sister Souljah moment.
    P.S. It’s so weird that Scott Lemieux and I mentioned the exact same three cases when attacking Byron White.

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