He Made It! Top of the World!

Let me congratulate Matt Yglesias on translating his blogging into a full-time job at The Atlantic. He’s a fantastic blogger, one of the first I read, and the one with whom I find myself agreeing more than anyone else. As with Ezra, Matt was one of the bloggers (along with Kevin Drum and Josh Marshall) who originally got me into this addictive, time-consuming, and immensely rewarding habit, and so it’s great to see him get promoted in the media food chain. If anyone’s earned it, it’s him.

2 thoughts on “He Made It! Top of the World!

  1. and you’ll “make it” to wherever you want to be.
    do you have any idea why your writing is so good? yes, it’s intelligent, engaging, satirical, and credible… but i believe your passion for politics is what makes your writing uniquely seductive. you string your sentences together with great enthusiasm, and they are very much alive, as though they are spoken by a broadcast journalist.
    i know it’s discouraging at times not seeing comments when you’ve written one of your best pieces, and you’re expecting at least one or two… but you must know who reads your words: politicians, magazine editors, radio producers, newspaper editors… keep on writing, and don’t give up. you’re at a place now where so many would love to be.
    best wishes

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