Why French Politics Sucks in ’07

By all indications, conservative Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist Ségolène Royal will advance to the second round of France’s presidential election. According to exit polls, they received 30% and 24%, respectively, while centrist François Bayrou received 19% and fascist Jean-Marie Le Pen received 11%. This being France, the fifth-place candidate, with 4%, was Trotskyist Olivier Besancenot. These are, well, not very good choices. Sarkozy’s campaign strategy has consisted mostly of pandering to Le Pen’s racist scumbag base, while Royal seems to have both a curious conception of civil liberties and no idea what the hell she’s talking about. Both have their pros: Sarkozy seems better on economic/welfare policy, while Royal has promised to legalize gay marriage. But basically, the next French president is going to be pretty awful. I guess I’m leaning slightly toward Royal, but it’s hard to get very excited about either of them.

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