You’re So Cute When You’re Frustrated

I don’t know about you, but I love the acid-tongued Frank Fukuyama:

[W]hen has Krauthammer ever not cried “Munich!” in response to an act of diplomacy?

Indeed. Moreover, when has a cry of “Munich!” ever brought anything, you know, good? I can think of plenty of cases in which an overreaction to a perceived threat did significant damage (Suez, Vietnam, Operation Eagle Claw, Iraq), but none when a perceived threat wasn’t preempted and a price was later paid for it. There are plenty of cases in which military intervention would have been preferable for moral reasons (1930s Spain, 1970s Cambodia, 1990s Rwanda), but none where it would have been necessary for national security reasons. Am I crazy, or is WWII basically the only case in which case a pre-emptive strike would have better than what actually transpired?

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