They Told Me That You Had Gone Totally Insane

What am I supposed to think when I read stuff like this (hat-tip Mona)? Am I supposed to assume that the good people (*cough*) at Human Events mislabeled a bad Ann Coulter column as having been written by Newt Gingrich? Or am I supposed to think that Gingrich, has totally, utterly lost it? Because I’m thinking the latter:

Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the leading captured terrorist from al Qaeda, offered a startling confession. He was almost certainly embellishing what he had done, but still, he told a chilling tale. He spoke unapologetically of the terrorist acts he had committed and those he had wished to commit.
He took responsibility for killing almost 3,000 people on Sept. 11, 2001. He said he had cut off a reporter’s head, held it in his hand, and had his picture taken with it. And what was the reaction of two United States senators?
They were worried that we had mistreated Khalid Sheik Mohammed in captivity.
They didn’t walk out of the room and say this is a frightening example of how serious our enemies are. They worried that we were dealing incorrectly with the man who had just finished saying how much he wanted to slaughter us.
This is a suicidal inability to come to grips with evil.

It reminds me of something the great historian William Manchester once said of the elites in the years leading up to World War II.
It was the spring of 1939, after the Munich agreement had failed, after Hitler had absorbed the rest of Czechoslovakia, and after it was obvious that all the deals the democracies had made with Nazi Germany — all the appeasement — had failed. As Europe moved toward war, Winston Churchill tried to create a Ministry of Supply in Great Britain for the terrible war he knew was coming.

The public supported him and even the newspapers supported him. But the people Manchester called “the men of Munich” — the elite, those who could not bring themselves to believe that Hitler was evil, that he meant what he said — blocked Churchill at every turn. They would rather risk defeat than admit that they had been wrong.

Today, we have the Men and Women of Munich. Just as before, these are elites who are afraid to face evil, afraid to recognize what our enemies are doing, and afraid to put partisanship aside and put America first so we can join together to defeat those who would destroy us.
The Men and Women of Munich have just scored a victory in Congress. They passed a bill that they have been enthusiastically telling their leftwing allies is designed to end the war in Iraq by crippling the military’s ability to achieve victory.
Think about what that means. They haven’t stood up courageously to vote to cut off funding for the war and take responsibility. No, they have avoided responsibility and sent the President a bill that is designed to fail and leave young Americans in uniform to pay the price.

Okay, so he’s called Democratic Senators “suicidal” and “incapable of coming to grips with evil” for thinking that torture is kind of bad, he’s equated a party that just won an election in a landslide with Neville Chamberlain, and accused them of “designing” legislation specifically to “leave young Americans in uniform to pay the price.” Wow. As Mona said, this stuff is far, far beyond parody.

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