Impossible Is Nothing

Matt is positively wicked today:

Ramesh Ponnuru reports that Sam Brownback “unveiled his Social Security plan here at the Club for Growth meeting. The plan is heavy on personal accounts and light on benefit cuts.” Can I do a plan that’s heavy on benefit increases but light on tax hikes? Maybe everyone gets a free personal account they can invest in my perpetual motion machine firm.

Ouch. This reminds me of a time in middle school when I was at summer camp (nerd camp, to be precise) and I tried to convince some of my classmates that, in fact, cold fusion is totally impossible. They disagreed because…just because, I guess. Luckily, our teaching assistant happened to be a physics major, and intellectually pwned them to such a degree that they gave up and cowered in defeat. If only such a person could do the same Brownback, Ponnuru, and the like.

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