Althouse Mad! Althouse Smash!

Wow. Ann Althouse is crazy. So basically: Ann Althouse is this conservative, faux-centrist University of Wisconsin law prof/blogger. She took a cheap shot at Jessica of Feministing for being attractive. Jessica defended herself, and a lot of her fellow bloggers helped. Althouse got extremely upset and went on months-long rants about how “unhinged” the left is for thinking women are more than sex objects.
So, Garance Franke-Ruta – a writer for The American Prospect, among other ventures – is debating Althouse on BloggingHeads, which is like a wonkier and more civil version of Crossfire. Except that it wasn’t more civil this time around. Franke-Ruta – while discussing the liberal blogosphere’s dislike of Althouse – brings up the fight Althouse had with Jessica. Althouse flips out. She is hysterical. She accuses Franke-Ruta of character assassination, threatens to hang up, and breaths fire for minutes about this. It’s truly a sight to behold and, as Ezra says, explains perfectly why liberal bloggers want to have nothing to do with this woman.

2 thoughts on “Althouse Mad! Althouse Smash!

  1. The message is that the political blogosphere polarizes and radicalizes people. I have the feeling that Althouse really was once centrist — she claims that she voted for Gore and I can believe that. But she has cast her lot with the conservative side and has gotten just plain too wrapped in it.
    It’s important not to take blog-writing too seriously.

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