Mista Edwards, He Crazy

Okay, okay, I should really stop this, but John Edwards just can’t stop saying really stupid things:

“It’s easy to date in the early stages. But when it’s time to get married, people get serious.”
— John Edwards, quoted by the Huffington Post, on running behind Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama in recent national polls.

You know, this makes sense if it were said by Bill Richardson, or Joe Biden, or even Chris Dodd. If you’re running on your resumé, it makes sense to attack the frontrunners as being no-substance and all-style. But no – it was said by Edwards, who has the same amount of experience in elected office as Hillary (6 years) and less than Obama (who’s served for 10 years in the Illinois and US Senates). Edwards seems to have this bizarre notion (mentioned in the HuffPost article) that his having run a losing vice presidential campaign in which he lost his home state by a whopping 13% gives him more experience; sorry, John, but that’s not an asset. And you’re no more “serious” than Hillary or Obama by any definition of the word.

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