Big Sister Is Watching You

As both an Obama fan and a Mac addict, I appreciated this insertion of Hillary into the classic 1984 ad. But I think Matt gets its ramifications exactly right:

The thing about this is that if you’re a Mac user, or just travel in sufficiently techie circles where you’ll recognize this as based on a Mac ad, this ad sends a very clear message: Hillary Clinton’s campaign is like a Windows computer — gray, tedious, dull, etc. If, by contrast, you’re not familiar with the source ad, it’s sending a very different message: Hillary Clinton is a would-be totalitarian dictator. The former sentiment is a sentiment that, I think, a lot of us liberal political junkies can share and certainly something that I think is fair game. The latter sentiment, by contrast, is not only a pretty outrageous claim but also happens to precisely echo one of the incredibly large set of unhinged attacks the right wing has been perpetrating against Clinton for over a decade now.

The 1984 ad is a Mac aficionado in-joke, and I doubt that someone wanting to paint Hillary as a totalitarian would use this footage just because. The creator clearly wanted to portray Hillary as a boring, stale, and plain, as Matt says. But for 99% of the world that can’t tell you that Ridley Scott directed that ad and that it played during the third quarter of the Super Bowl, it looks like the mash-up is meant to depict Hillary as a dictator. Of course, if the rest of the world came to its senses and switched to Macs, we wouldn’t have these problems, and people would recognize that the mash-up’s a fair criticism of Hillary’s over-cautiousness and the whatnot. But the world hasn’t come to its senses and the mash-up has become famous through misinterpretation. Sad.

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