Neon Bible

So Arcade Fire’s latest album is out, and it is good. Moreover, eMusic is good for letting me download the raw MP3 of it the day of its release. In addition to “Intervention”, “Keep the Car Running”, and “Black Mirror” – all of which I had listened to in various capacities before getting the album and thus knew to be excellent – I loved “The Well and the Lighthouse”, which manages to sound ambitious while not even lasting four minutes, “(Antichrist Television Blues)”, which is a nice, bass-driven hustle, “Windowsill”, which is creepy but strangely endearing, and “No Cars Go,” a more full-featured version of a song originally on their eponymous EP. Actually, it would be easier to say that I liked every song on it, because I did. I’ll admit only having listened to four or so songs from Funeral (“Rebellion (Lies)”, “Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)”, “Wake Up”, “Haiti”, maybe others) so I can’t make a fair comparison there. But this is great stuff, and I’m sure it’ll hold up until year-end list time (only nine months to go!).

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