Congressional Endorsements

Well, this is certainly helpful: The Hill has taken it upon itself to list the congressional endorsements for each and every presidential candidates. A few thoughts:

  • John Edwards has the same number of endorsements as Mike Huckabee? Damn, the good people of the US Congress love me.
  • Speaking of which, Huckabee’s endorsements are interesting. He has John Boozman, the one Republican member of Arkansas’s congressional delegation (damn, Arkansas has one Republican in Congress? The DNC may be whistling past dixie, but dixie’s following right behind). But he also has Don Young, the bridge-to-nowhere building, Lincoln quote fabricating nutjob from Alaska. Given the current state of the Republican party, this is clearly a good sign for Huckabee.
  • Is the Republican party really stupid enough to embrace Mitt Romney? Apparently, as he’s been endorsed by 26 congresspeople and senators. I wonder how they’d react to this video. It’s what devastating attack ads are made of.
  • I got to hand it to McCain – anyone capable of winning the endorsement of both Trent Lott and Olympia Snowe has talent.
  • How far Tommy Thompson has fallen. It’s kind of sad that a 14-year governor and former cabinet secretary can’t garner a single congressional endorsement.
  • Duncan Hunter is in fourth place in the Republican field. Maybe it’s a result of being the former Armed Services committee chair. But it’s weird considering that Sam Brownback – who many consider a possible social conservative breakout candidate – only has one endorsement. His senior senator, Pat Roberts, hasn’t even endorsed him.
  • Chris Dodd is third in the Democratic field. God help us.
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