Thank You, Brad DeLong…

…for pwning Jeff Faux and his protectionist agenda so very, very thoroughly:

Is there a way to interpret Jeff other than as a call to keep China a society of poor subsistence rice farmers as long as possible–keep them poor, barefoot, uneducated, and by no means allow them to work at any of the high-value manufacturing occupations we want to keep in the United States?

No, there isn’t. And this is what makes people like Faux – and John Edwards, and Sherrod Brown, and Byron Dorgan – so totally despicable.

1 thought on “Thank You, Brad DeLong…

  1. The problem is that DeLong is friends & fellow partisans with Faux and some of his fellow travelers and is too reluctant to really take the fight to him as he doesen’t wanna ruffle feathers. Treating people like Max Sawicky or Dean Baker gingerly is one thing, but Jeff Faux is a reactionary hack and should be treated accordingly.

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