Do You Have Something to Tell Us, David?

Did David Bernstein just say his relative bribed the IDF? Because it sure as hell sounded like David Bernstein just said his relative bribed the IDF:

I’m not an expert on the subject, but I’m perfectly willing to say that from what I can discern, corruption in Israel is a major problem. Forget investigations of the Prime Minister and whatnot; it’s widely known among Israelis that one can avoid certain unpleasant military assignments if one has the right connections (as a relative of mine in Israel did), and that contractors often violate building rules willy-nilly because of “protexia” (connections) and bribery.

Emphasis mine. Now, it’s possible to read this as saying that the relative just got some friends to intervene and didn’t actually fork money over. But considering the preceding sentence (and the paragraph before that), the context makes it sound like money was exchanged. Please elaborate, David.

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