Oscar Live-Blogging

8:49PM – Starts off with Pan’s Labyrinth winning for Art Direction. So far, so good.
8:58PM – And another for PL for Makeup. I’m liking this.
9:03PM – The Danish Poet, which looks like the coolest thing since Charley the Unicorn, wins for Best Animated Short.
9:05PM – West Bank Story, which appears to be a musical comedy about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and thus looks totally sweet, wins for Best Live Action Short.
9:15PM – Letters from Iwo Jima wins for sound editing. Which is important to some people.
9:19PM – Dreamgirls wins for sound mixing. Ugh.
9:38PM – Al Gore does a nice joke announcement. It’s hilarious that that rumor became pervasive enough to mock.
9:44PM – Happy Feet beats Cars. Good for the global warming cause, I suppose.
9:52PM – The Departed wins for best adapted screenplay. Quelle surprise!
9:55PM – Wow, Tom Hanks just totally owned the sleezy announcer guy. Nice.
9:57PM – Wes Anderson is kind of awesome. “Can you do a .357 with a bayonet?” If only, Wes. If only.
10:03PM – Marie-Antoinette wins for costume design. Meh.
10:14PM – PL wins again, for cinematography. If any film deserves this award, it’s PL. And this is adding up to be a great night for PL.
10:21PM – Pirates of the Caribbean wins for visual effects. The writer of Photoshop is one of the winners, so I’m fine with it.
10:30PM – The Lives of Others wins. Grrr. This award needs to be eliminated, since it clearly has no value.
10:35PM – Jennifer Hudson wins for Dreamgirls. God, such a bad call. Not as bad as the foreign language fiasco, but still pretty bad.
10:43PM – Documentary short goes to The Blood of Yang-Zhou District. Um, good. I’m still mad.
10:48PM – An Inconvenient Truth wins. Also, the pope is Catholic.
11:08PM – Babel wins for score. Only one more category left for PL to lose. God, I hate this ceremony.
11:14PM – Little Miss Sunshine wins for original screenplay. Better than the other options, but still sucky. The royal screwing of Pan’s Labyrinth is truly despicable.
11:29PM – Melissa Etheridge wins for “I Need to Wake Up” from An Inconvenient Truth. Thank God, because it was the only decent song of the bunch.
11:30PM – Though when Etheridge messes up the adjective form of “Democrat” it pisses me off as much as when a Republican does that.
11:32PM – And, as Ezra says, having an Aberfeldy song in a Diet Coke ad is ridiculously cool.
11:35PM – A thought for the commercial break: the technical, short, and other non-interesting categories should be moved to a separate ceremony. And acceptance speeches should be banned. And the filler material and honorary awards should go too. The whole thing should be two hours, tops, is what I’m saying.
11:39PM – What is it with clips showing the climaxes of movies? The Departed, Little Miss Sunshine, and Resevoir Dogs have all had their endings ruined tonight.
11:42PM – The Departed wins for film editing. The best of the possibilities, I suppose.
11:54PM – Helen Mirren wins. Well, that was unexpected.
12:04PM – Forrest Whitaker wins. Dang, I thought Peter O’Toole could have nabbed that one. Guess not.
12:08PM – And Martin Scorsese wins. Finally. And the crowd goes crazy. Well, this makes up for PL‘s loss.
12:09PM – Jesus, I have never seen a standing ovation this huge.
12:11PM – Awesome. In the middle of an otherwise humbly average acceptance speech, Marty thanks those of us who have been wanting him tot get an Oscar for years. Well, you’re very welcome, Marty. You earned this more than practically anyone else who’s gotten it.
12:13PM – Damn, Diane Keaton is a bad presenter.
12:14PM – The Departed wins it. So it’s a real one for Marty. Mixed results, but it’s hard not to be ecstatic about Marty’s victories.

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