Mooninites of the Moon, Unite!

We’re just one month in, but already this has to be the strangest story of the year. It isn’t every day that Turner Broadcasting plants Mooninites (for the uncool uninitiated, awesome characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force) in random places in Boston and the governor, mayor, and police respond like the good people of Grover’s Mill did in 1938. Clearly, those nerds need to be spanked with moon rocks. Thankfully, the employees who planted Inignot and Err are treating their criminal trial about as seriously as it deserves to be treated. Which is to say, they talked about ’70s hair styles in their post-arraignment press conference. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t talk about ’80s rock bands (even ones that are teh suck), but this is still a way of flipping the bird to the man, which is to be appreciated.

1 thought on “Mooninites of the Moon, Unite!

  1. This is just plain STUPID. We’ve gone too far. There’s a mass hysteria that causes people to freak out at the slightest thing and start screaming ‘terrorists’. We’ve lost our sense of humor. What happened to the ‘home of the brave’? When a marketing stunt makes us soil ourselves, we’re in deep trouble. I’m thoroughly disgusted by the reaction to this by the authorities.

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