SOTU Liveblogging

8:59 – Just organizational stuff now.
9:02 – Laura’s entered, standing next to Lynne Cheney. Just sat down.
9:02 – Supreme Court enters.
9:03 – Cabinet enters.
9:06 – Nothing’s happening…
9:09 – Finally, he enters.
9:13 – Bush gives lip service to Pelosi having a vagina. An easy applause line.
9:14 – Mentions Tim Johnson/Charlie Norwood, calls for fast recovery. Surprised by the courtesy of it.
9:15 – Congratulates the “Democrat majority.” Go to hell.
9:16 – Charlie Rangel is doing a crossword. So Stanley-esque I want to cry.
9:18 – Calls for the budget to be balanced without raising taxes. Also, a pony and some ice cream.
9:20 – Calls for earmarks to be made public, cut in half. Doesn’t mention that the reason they’re public now is Obama.
9:21 – Onto Medicare/SS. Oh no.
9:22 – Phew, he’s moved on to education. Pats self on back for NCLB. Calls for expansion, more school flexibility, vouchers (which I’m actually sympathetic towards).
9:23 – Health care time.
9:24 – Children, elderly, poor need public insurance. Rest don’t. They’re different. It’s a genetic thing.
9:24 – Nothing more exciting than hearing Bush talk about tax deductions.
9:25 – Whoa. Totally co-opts Feingold proposal on state health care innovation.
9:26 – Calls to expand HSAs. That’ll fix everything!
9:28 – Immigration schpiel. Nothing new here. Tancredo looks pissed.
9:30 – Energy time. Technology that conveniently helps Big Coal and Big Nuclear is the answer, strangely enough.
9:31 – Calls on US to reduce oil usage 10% in next ten years. Good reception – the smirk is intense.
9:33 – Global warming. Calls challenge “real.” Lots of applause, lots of smirk.
9:34 – Condemns judicial filibuster. Isn’t that cute.
9:35 – Terrorism time. Flypaper theory is still in fashion – even Pelosi’s clapping. Why?
9:36 – Names foiled terror plots that, even if real and even if conducted at all competently, would have killed like five people.
9:38 – Terrorists are bad, apparently. Didn’t know that.
9:39 – Starts talking about Shi’a extremists. Name-checks Iran, support for Hezbollah. Oh. Crap.
9:40 – Moves on. Phew.
9:41 – “What every terrorist fears most is human freedom.” Rarely has such complete and utter bullshit been uttered in the House.
9:43 – Talks repeatedly about Hezbollah without mentioning who, you know, started the war in June.
9:45 – Goal: “democratic Iraq…that is an ally in the war on terror.” Name a bigger impossibility if you can.
9:47 – Talks tough on Iraqi government. Because the instability we caused is totally their responsibility.
9:48 – “Consequences of failure would be grievous and far-reaching.” I know, haven’t they been?
9:49 – “Nothing is more important than that the United States succeed in the Middle East.” 21,500 soldiers and Marines would beg to differ.
9:51 – War on terror a “generational struggle.” Is forming advisory council on it, including plan to expand military. A good means to a wickedly stupid end.
9:53 – Is creating second reserve military for those who want to join the “defining struggle of our time.” Any takers? Anyone? Bueller?
9:54 – Mentions Darfur, Lukashenko in Belarus, and junta in Burma. Surprisingly good stuff.
9:55 – Foreign aid time. Hard to object, esp. on HIV/AIDS and malaria.
9:57 – Special guest time. Some NBA star born in Africa.
9:58 – Another guest. Baby Einstein founder. WTF?
9:59 – Another guest. Saved man on subway tracks. Daughter’s asleep. Insists not a hero, but agreed to be here. Hmm.
10:01 – Another guest. Iraq vet who won the Silver Star for courage.
10:02 – It’s over. “See you next year.” Don’t remind me, George.
P.S. What is with the Jim Webb hero-worship? Sure, the content of his speech was nice (aside from the nod in favor of protectionism), but he spoke with the charisma of a rock. Comparing the speech to Obama’s DNC speech is just slightly less silly than comparing Ted Stevens’ “series of tubes” speech to Cicero.

1 thought on “SOTU Liveblogging

  1. Thanks for the concise summary. Reading this is more exciting than watching the speech was by a factor of about, oh, twenty or more. As in, I wound up turning off the TV and deciding to read it later. At least then I could put some expression into it.
    “9:45 – Goal: “democratic Iraq…that is an ally in the war on terror.” Name a bigger impossibility if you can.” Sorry, not gonna happen. Democratic Iraq, maybe, if we’re lucky and don’t screw up more. Ally in the war on terror? Only if he starts brainwashing people, he can’t even get sufficient support here.
    As far as Jim Webb goes- I watched it and, aside from his overall good ideas, I liked that his rebuttal was more concise and more passionate than the SOTU by a long shot. Not sure I’d put him on the “political hero” level just yet, but he’s definitely a straight talker and worth having in the Senate.

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