Libby Delivers

As a longtime Law and Order fan, I have a penchant for sensationalistic trials. Which is what Scooter Libby’s seems to be becoming. The fact that the defense is saying that Libby is a scapegoat for Rove isn’t particularly interesting. This, from Steve Benen, is:

MSNBC’s David Schuster, who has been covering the Plame scandal very closely for quite a while, said prosecutors have “astounding” evidence that should raise eyebrows throughout the political establishment, even among “those who have been following this case.” Among the new claims:

* “Vice President Cheney himself directed Scooter Libby to essentially go around protocol and deal with the press and handle press himself…to try to beat back the criticism of administration critic Joe Wilson.”
* Cheney personally “wrote out for Scooter Libby what Libby should say in a conversation with Time magazine reporter Matt Cooper.”
* “Scooter Libby destroyed a note from Vice President Cheney about their conversations and about how Vice President Cheney wanted the Wilson matter handled.”

Whoa. If this holds up in court – and based on what we know about this administration, it probably will – this could do to Cheney what tax evasion did to Spiro Agnew. Which would be a good thing, and not just for the obvious reason. Cheney’s resignation would provide Bush the opportunity to choose a new vice president. Whoever he chooses would instantly become the Republican frontrunner in 2008. But though this would greatly benefit the new VP in the Republican primaries, his/her close connection to the administration (however new) would be a huge mark against them in the general, greatly improving Democratic chances.

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