This is being called the best movie of the year? God, is this world sad. It turns out that combining music that’s two notches better than that in Cats, characters who one is loath to call one-dimensional for fear of offending number lines, and a wildly, nearly libelously inaccurate version of Motown history that goes far beyond creative license yields an Oscar contender. Among the more painful two hour periods in my life – even MST3K films have Joel/Mike, Crow, and Servo to ease the pain. I haven’t seen Babel or The Queen yet, but if the DGA nominations turn into the Oscar ones, The Departed or Little Miss Sunshine had better win, preferably the former (it’s the first Scorsese film since Goodfellas that deserves to win on its own merits, not just because Scorsese needs an Oscar at some point). If Dreamgirls wins, it would be the biggest Oscar blunder since The Greatest Show on Earth beat High Noon.

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