More Reasons Not To Support Edwards

This Jason Zengerle post seems specially designed to warm the cockles of my heart. It’s supposed to establish John Edwards as a realistic internationalist and not, as Zengerle puts it, a “head-in-the-sand McGovernite.” But it really just confirms that Edwards is really, really stupid:

I went to see [Edwards] speak at a Ned Lamont rally last August in New Haven. If ever there were a place to strike a McGovernite pose–to denounce the war in Iraq and then say nothing else about foreign policy–this would have been it. But in addition to the requisite apology for his initial support for the war and the requisite call for a withdrawal of troops, Edwards said the following:

I want to take just a minute and have all of us together step back and think about what’s happening in the world today, what’s on our television screens every single day. We see the fighting in Lebanon. We see Hezbollah. We see Hamas launching missiles out of Gaza into Israel. We see Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, a guy who claims the Holocaust never occurred, wants to wipe Israel off the face of the planet, a sworn enemy of the United States, trying to get a nuclear weapon. Now you think for a minute about what that means. Iran gets a nuclear weapon, the Saudis will have a nuclear weapon, the Egyptians will have a nuclear weapon, the Syrians will have a nuclear weapon, so then we have a nuclear Middle East, the hottest, most dangerous, most volatile place on the face of the planet.

Emphasis mine. Ignoring the fact that the CIA has no evidence that the Iranian nuclear weapons program even exists (which was only revealed after this speech, so I’ll give Edwards a pass on it), the President of the United States ought to have at least a basic understanding of Middle Eastern politics. Edwards’ demonstrated belief that Ahmadinejad actually matters – at all – shows that he lacks one. So not only is understanding comparative advantage too much of a toughie for poor old Johnnie – elementary comparative politics is too. And let’s not forget that in 1998 he didn’t know who Yitzak Rabin was. All this ignorance wrapped up into a tidy little box sure seems Dubya-esque.

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