Back From Fishing

I’m back from this. So, since Thursday, Denver’s been selected as the 2008 DNC location (that’s good), Ron Paul’s announced his campaign for president (that’s pointless), Edwards went to Harlem (that’s tasteless but predictable), and Obama looks like he’s going to announce on Oprah (that’s awesome). But none of that matters. Eric Alterman doesn’t like the Stooges. That demonstrates such a complete and utter lack of any, any musical taste that it makes me disinclined to finish Alterman’s Springsteen bio that I got as a gift a while back (even though the 50-odd pages I’ve read of it were excellent). Hell, it makes me want to send Alterman a care package with Iggy and co.’s self-titled, Fun House, and Raw Power, then go to his house and force him to listen to them non-stop for five weeks or until he can’t stop singing “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” whichever comes first. Seriously, Alterman needs our help.

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