Jesus, do I hate this guy. Why? Well, for starters, he didn’t just support the war in Iraq, he co-sponsored the bloody fiasco. I really don’t care that he recanted a few years later, which shows little other than that he’s capable of reading the front-page of a newspaper. What matters is that, if he had been president in March 2003, we’d be in Iraq right now. For him to think he’s deserving of the presidency after getting the most important foreign policy question of the last decade totally, utterly wrong shows a lot of nerve, and not the good kind.
But probably worse is that he’s a total fraud. He based his 2004 campaign, and seems to be basing his newly-announced 2008 campaign, on his supposed desire to fight poverty, first with the Two Americas speech and now with his explicitly anti-poverty shtick. If Edwards were at all serious about fighting poverty, he would know that by far the most effective method of doing so is by allowing freer and more open trade with the third world. But Edwards isn’t serious about fighting poverty; he’s serious about wanting the union vote. So he consistently voted against new trade pacts while in the Senate and called for NAFTA to be renegotiated. Either he knows what harm his protectionist policies would inflict upon the third world – in which case he’s a cynical xenophobic sleezeball – or he doesn’t, and is thus a fool who should be kept away from public office at all costs. Neither option leaves him looking all too good.
So, I’ll leave it at this: I will not vote for John Edwards in the primaries. I will not vote for John Edwards if he nominated – I will not vote or vote for an acceptable third party candidate (Bloomberg, I’m counting on you). And I will not vote for John Edwards’ reelection in 2012 if he is elected president in 2008.

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