Research 2000 Just Loves Me This Christmas

After showing Obama in a tie for first in Iowa, Research 2000 has yet better news:

In a New Hampshire presidential primary, a new Research 2000 poll shows that Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) leads the pack of potential 2008 candidates in the Democratic race with 22%. However, she’s closely followed by Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) at 21%, John Edwards (D) at 16% and Al Gore at 10%.

The most important thing about this and the Iowa poll is that they drastically underrate Obama’s support. Every potential primary voter knows who Gore, Edwards, and Clinton are. A much smaller number has even heard of Obama. If he had the same name recognition as those three, he’d be number one with a bullet.
Side note: in both the New Hampshire and Iowa polls, Giuliani and McCain are neck-and-neck for first place, with everyone else far behind. Until a viable conservative contender catches on (Gilmore’s still my best guess), this is the race on the GOP side, and the other candidates are basically superfluous.

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